A Nature Too Strange


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Acretongue // Requiem

Do we change or stay the same outside of the context of our ordinary worlds? Does it matter, if nobody is there to witness the effect? Access to Jake's radio array gives the duo a wider range of information about what's happened beyond their immediate area, but news from outside is sparse and grim. Rowan and Ashlyn do their best to focus on survival and some semblance of moving forward. Hey, at least ever store is 24-hour when it's just you and a crowbar.

[Happy May everyone! In a few short months, we'll cross the milestone of having posted Mortal Machine for one whole year. Pretty exciting! Especially since the backdrop of that year has been A Lot. We're both very proud of our project and ourselves for sticking it out with relative consistency in spite of everything, and we're extremely grateful to the support and encouragement from our readership. Without that feedback, it would have been a lot harder to keep showing up for it.

We're working on plans to come up with something fun and extra to do for our first comic-versary later this summer. Please consider checking out our Patreon, where there will be more information on this endeavor soon!