A Dark Wind Blows


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Throughout the winter so far, Rory and Ashlyn had settled into something like a comfortable rhythm. Comfortable, at least insofar as the apocalypse was concerned. They'd even found some time to make their own real fun, playing D&D with Jake over the radio and trying out increasingly ambitious food preservation techniques with the waning bounty of the area's slowly withering produce. Winter would soon yield to spring, and then they'd have to start thinking about some more sustainable practices for their new-found existence and ongoing survival.

Unfortunately, the season wasn't the only thing changing outside of the four walls of the Mills' house.


[Welcome back from our schedule break time in January, and to the first official post of 2022! With some great catchup completed and renewed energy, Thief and Crow are looking forward to bringing you the further adventures of Rowan Mills and Ashlyn Chandler.]