Rowan Mills

Aka "Rory" to his family and Ash. Age 20 and too tall; ragingly bisexual; lives on cigarettes and energy drinks; tenuous grip on reality; insomniac. Has a deep fear of death turned into a morbid obsession. Huge nerd.

Ashlyn Chandler

"Ash" to most. 19. Dual-citizen UK-US. Vocal student spending summers on the east coast to take extra credits. D&D; coffee with cream and lots of sugar; sacred arias and Switchblade Symphony; very excitable; 5-foot-nothing.

Jake Mills

Longsuffering elder Mills son. 22. Student. Shouldering the generational responsibility of having his god damn shit together.

...or at least, he was.

Jason Ortham

Jason Ortham was Rowan Mills's New York roommate.

MJ Natarajan

[coming soon]