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So, dear readers, some of you have realized that you got no page last week. Allow us to mount a second, profuse apology. Crow was visiting Thief in the bay area. Sunday, our posting day, was rather consumed in excitement over that evening’s Psyclon Nine show at the DNA Lounge (along with the stellar emerging act The Vile Augury which turns out to be Nero’s brother). You can’t really fault us for helping P9 celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut. It was a really awesome show.

Anyway, then Monday we left fair early to ramble about central CA’s old forests and sundry other landscapes, paid a visit to the former site of Holy City, and visited a friend in Monterey. Where the car subsequently broke down and we spent the night before a slightly panicky bus/train/BART ride back up to SF proper because Crow had to fly back to IA that day. We tried to post the page Tuesday before airport time arrived but localhost was on the blink and… well, the rest is history. It’s been a mad, mad week. But here we are! The 5th page, and we humbly hope to be on schedule for 6 next Sunday. See you all then!