Missing: Page 5 of One For Silence

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A very belated post to let everyone know that yes, this week, the comic will be late! We’re very sorry! D:  I’m sure you noticed that Sunday came and went without a new installment going up, which was mostly due to the fact that the Crow was on the west coast visiting the Thief, and the both of them were out gallivanting about and forgetting what day it was.  There were many epic adventures, both positive (Psyclon Nine concert, anyone?) and negative (car breakdown), that were had, and in all the commotion Sunday came and went nigh-unnoticed.

Both are still working out the logistics of posting the latest, but it will arrive!  Perhaps you will even get a double feature next Sunday, if we aren’t able to get our asses in gear before then.  Keep your eyes on this space, or over at the Mortal Machine tumblr, for more updates.

– Thief