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Sorry about the late post again guys! The crow, currently in charge of digital manipulation responsibilities, was helping a friend move this weekend. We hope it’s been a great one for y’all!

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Hello, quiet readerfriends! As you might have noticed, the comic’s been MIA for a bit. Sooooo, this is just a notice that real life has gotten a little crazy for both the Thief and the Crow right now, and that updating is probably going to be a little sporadic over the next month or so. We’ll be trying to get the pages we’ve left up as soon as we can, but there might be some skipped weeks in the near future.

We’ve only got a few more pages of this first chapter of the story! After that, it’s looking like we’re going to need to take a brief hiatus, to straighten the aforementioned life stuff out and work up a backlog of pages for you all again, with the intention that when we return we’ll be back in the swing of things, and have an emergency supply of pages in case real life comes knocking again. There should be more concrete information about the hiatus when we reach the end of this chapter. This has been our first stab at a webcomic, and it’s been quite the learning experience, despite the past few months’ falters.

A major apology for the issues, and a huge, huge thanks to any of you who have stuck with us this far. We hope you’ll still be around despite the rocky start.

Hello there! Are you reading? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line as a comment, on this post or one of the pages, and let us know what you think now that we’ve gotten a few of our sheets up and online.  We’re slowly sweeping together things for other content but as Thief and I both have a little more than we anticipated on our plates at the moment it’s going more slowly than we would have liked.  Soon, though, we should have some fun treats up on the site in the pages at the top. Till then, say hello, and standby for next Sunday’s page update.

Hi everyone. I know, I know, we just missed a page two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re missing one again this week, due to logistical issues (given that our two esteemed authors are across the country from one another) and the holiday.

We deeply apologize for the delay, and hope to resume regular posting as soon as possible. We also hope all of you reading have a good Memorial Day. 🙂

So, dear readers, some of you have realized that you got no page last week. Allow us to mount a second, profuse apology. Crow was visiting Thief in the bay area. Sunday, our posting day, was rather consumed in excitement over that evening’s Psyclon Nine show at the DNA Lounge (along with the stellar emerging act The Vile Augury which turns out to be Nero’s brother). You can’t really fault us for helping P9 celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut. It was a really awesome show.

Anyway, then Monday we left fair early to ramble about central CA’s old forests and sundry other landscapes, paid a visit to the former site of Holy City, and visited a friend in Monterey. Where the car subsequently broke down and we spent the night before a slightly panicky bus/train/BART ride back up to SF proper because Crow had to fly back to IA that day. We tried to post the page Tuesday before airport time arrived but localhost was on the blink and… well, the rest is history. It’s been a mad, mad week. But here we are! The 5th page, and we humbly hope to be on schedule for 6 next Sunday. See you all then!

A very belated post to let everyone know that yes, this week, the comic will be late! We’re very sorry! D:  I’m sure you noticed that Sunday came and went without a new installment going up, which was mostly due to the fact that the Crow was on the west coast visiting the Thief, and the both of them were out gallivanting about and forgetting what day it was.  There were many epic adventures, both positive (Psyclon Nine concert, anyone?) and negative (car breakdown), that were had, and in all the commotion Sunday came and went nigh-unnoticed.

Both are still working out the logistics of posting the latest, but it will arrive!  Perhaps you will even get a double feature next Sunday, if we aren’t able to get our asses in gear before then.  Keep your eyes on this space, or over at the Mortal Machine tumblr, for more updates.

– Thief

It’s an election year in the United States of America. The eastern seaboard hums with the typical activities, the population mopping their brows as October finally takes the edge off an hotter, and longer, than average summer.

In Boston, 19 year old college student Ashlyn Mae Chandler is ahead in her vocal performance undergraduate program, having stayed summers in Massachusetts to study rather than returning to her native London. In New York, her best friend Rowan Leigh Mills plods toward a degree in computer science at a more grudging pace, juggling school with the typical distractions of a young man just past his 20th birthday and the endeavor to get a foot in the door of the industrial music scene as a DJ.

Meanwhile, to much less national attention than the presidential race, Toronto-based Aeon Biomedical Technologies prepares to attend a yearly emergent technology conference in Manhattan. Aeon is the star in the lineup’s crown. At the conference, they will unveil a nanotech protocol that promises to change the face of medicine: dangerous invasive procedures as well as treatment of debilitating and terminal conditions. Testing in chimpanzees has showed nothing short of miraculous results, and for the New York convention, they will be introducing audiences in the states and around the world to the first human patient.

It’s radical, and Aeon is braced for the backlash of the morally anxious, but she’s desperately ill, and without the small hope of this experimental treatment, her parents know beyond doubt that she will die. Initial preparation for treatment is going well, and everything appears to be proceeding precisely according to plan.